The 411 on Specialty Screen Printers

As we mentioned before, not all specialty screen printers are created equal! Impressionz offers nearly every kind of special effects application on the market to assist bringing your product to the next level. We can also combine multiple screen printed special effects to achieve very unique prints!

With specialty inks and dyes we can achieve some of the coolest effects for your custom t-shirts. From reflective and metallic inks to shimmer inks we can help you create the best looking shirts only limited to your imagination.

Check out some of our high quality custom screen printing effects below!

Forever Love | Custom T-Shirt Design | Impressionz Printing

Artwork, Pricing & Sizing

  • Metallic Printing
  • Shimmer Printing
  • Foil Printing
  • Reflective Ink Printing
  • Rhinestone Printing
  • Soft & High Density Printing
  • Glow in the Dark Printing
  • Suede Printing
  • Puff Printing
  • Ultra and Clear Gel Printing
  • Burnout Printing

Shirt Size Chart, Jumbo shirt, Oversize shirt, Standard shirt

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