The 411 on Eco-Friendly Screen Printers

Whether you are searching for the best Eco-Friendly screen printing companies or researching the environmentally friendly printing processes there are several factors to consider.

  • Do they use eco-friendly inks? What does “green inks” or “sustainable inks” entail?
  • What about the facility? Does the screen printing facility comply with EPA regulations? Are they properly disposing unsafe products responsibly?

At Impressionz we meet all of the above requirements.

In order to screen print t-shirts in an environmentally responsible way, we print with non toxic waterbase inks. Water based inks use water as a base opposed to the PVC material base used in plastisol. Aside from using water-based inks, we also can use water to wash away the ink in the clean up process. There is much more that goes into the process of printing organically and responsibly than just using “green” inks.

Apparel – In order to get a 100% earth friendly finished product one must use a natural or organic material. The most popular eco-friendly apparel is organic cotton. The first step to choosing an organic apparel manufacturer is by verifying that they are a reputable manufacturer. Standard t-shirts can be sprayed with up to 300% of it’s weight in harmful pesticides! Our select manufacturers are certified and practice fair labor practices.

From the screen preparation to shipping the finished product—Impressionz Printing is doing what we can to keep our planet green. For instance, we give the customer the option to use 100% organic cotton garments while seeking organic screen prints. In addition, we reuse silk screens, reuse films for previous clients, use environmentally safe green cleaning agents and send invoices via email (less paper waste).

eco friendly custom t-shirt for Sustainable by Impressionz Printing

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