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At Impressionz we understand that some t-shirt designs require unique print locations. The apparel is our canvas and we do not limit our print areas to the standard 14×17” print size. We have created a grid to show an example of some of the t-shirt printing options you have when printing with us. These are not the only options but rather a reference to some of the popular print locations for our customers use.



Stand Print Size:

Our standard t-shirt screen print size is 14” wide and 17” tall. This is the industry standard print size that covers the majority of the apparel. There is no additional cost associated with our standard print size. Here is more information on basic printing.

Oversize Screen Printing:

Oversized t-shirt printing allows us to print 17” wide and up to 21” tall. We use larger screens and larger pallets to accommodate the larger print area. With oversize screen prints we are able to print off the bottom of the shirt and partially over the seam on the sleeve.

Jumbo Printing:

In the case that an oversized screen print is not a large enough print it may be time to consider a jumbo t-shirt screen print. Jumbo screen printing allows us to cover nearly the entire shirt with ink. Printing this large allows us to print from the top of the shirt and off the bottom seem while printing over part of the sleeve seem.



These are the pallet sizes that we currently have available. We use unique pallets for various printing techniques and to accommodate for different sizes of apparel. Using a large variety of pallet sizes allows us to over oversized and jumbo size screen prints. Additionally, it allows us to print on youth and ladies t-shirts without stretching the fabric and affecting the quality of the screen print. We also have t-shirt design templates that can be used to help you when creating your own shirts.