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How To Customize Shirts On A Budget

Have a limited budget for your next t-shirt printing project? At Impressionz Printing we understand that the price of the t-shirts can be the ultimate deciding factor on which vendor you decide to use. We offer high quality t-shirt printing services online and are still able to offer custom tees at a cheap and economical rate.

Sometimes finding a good printer that has competitive prices is not always enough to get the price low enough to hit your goals! Below we have compiled a list of savings tips and factors that can cause the price of your shirts to rise. Keeping these key factors in mind will assure that you can get the cheapest shirts possible without compromising the quality of the printing.

Cutting Costs When Choosing Your Apparel Type

What type of clothing did you choose? American Apparel and Next Level Apparel cost t-shirt printers more for the blank apparel which in return makes it more expensive for the end user. Choosing brands such as Gildan, Hanes, Port & Company, or Delta Apparel will help to keep the price as low as possible! Also, 100% cotton shirts are typically less expensive t-shirts when compared to 50/50 cotton/polyester, or tri-blend garments.

Fabric Color

Another way to reduce costs as low as possible is to order white or natural colored apparel. White colored clothes cost the t-shirt printer less money for the blank garment than colored fabric. Additionally, white shirts are the easiest to print on and does not require an under base. When a white under base is not required then we are able to print the jobs faster than dark clothing and also use less ink. Faster production times and less ink ultimately results in us offering the cheapest price possible.

Provide your own artwork

When you do not have a design or a high quality logo to submit with your order we have to create the artwork. Creating artwork from scratch takes time, requires a graphic designer, and typically needs several revisions to get the artwork perfect! All of the time required to create the custom designs takes resources and increases the final cost of the t-shirts.

Turnaround Time

Allowing us to have our standard turnaround time of seven business days will assure the cheapest price as well. Rush orders that are needed in less than our standard turnaround time require us to expedite the order process. When we have to expedite the order process we incur additional costs and have to adjust our schedule. Some of the costs include:

  • expedited shipping expenses from our t-shirt vendors
  • employee overtime, and effecting our work-flow

When the t-shirts are not needed in a rush we are able to offer the cheapest prices.

How can we offer such low-priced, cheap t-shirts? In short, we are experts at the printing process. We have created a list below to clarify how we are able to print tees at a bargain.

  • Efficiency

We have our systems dialed in and are extremely efficient. Our fast production rates give us a competitive advantage. We pass the savings along to you: the customer.

  • Equipment & Technology

At Impressionz we made the decision a long time ago, that we can only offer personalized shirts that are only as good as the tools we have available. Investing in the industry’s most current and highest quality screen printing equipment opposed to low cost, cheaper alternatives gives us an edge from a production standpoint. Super fast t-shirt printing equates to economical, cheap custom t-shirts for our customers!